How to Host & Make a Minecraft 1.17 Server

Are you looking to make & host your own Minecraft 1.17 Server? Then, you’re in luck as I’m going to tell you how to exactly host a Minecraft 1.17 server very easily & quickly! This is the easiest way to get it set up. This process will require you to give other players your public IP address, so be sure to only give this to people you trust like close friends. Nevertheless, let’s go ahead and break down how to host/make a Minecraft 1.17 server so you can play Minecraft with friends!

How to Make Minecraft 1.17 Server

Please note: If you aren’t able to understand this post, then you can watch my YouTube tutorial which will help you easily set up your own 1.17 Minecraft server. 

Step 1: Download Minecraft Server File

The first step in starting your Minecraft 1.17 Server is to download the server file for your computer. Click here or the button below to be taken to the official Minecraft Server file download.


This will take you to a page to download the Minecraft: Java Edition Server. From there, you’ll have to click on the green underlined text that says Download “minecraft_server.1.17.jar” to start the server file download. Once the download is complete, drag the file onto your desktop.

Step 2: Create a Server Folder

Right-click on your desktop and create a new folder called “mc 1.17”, and from there, drag the .jar file you had downloaded into this folder.

Once the server.jar file is in the folder that you’ve created, run the application by double-clicking on the icon. If the application does not run after you double click on it, that means you probably don’t have Java SDK installed. No worries, here’s the official direct link to download it, or else you can click on the button below.


Even after installing Java, the same problem persists then, download & run the Jar fix file. This should fix it.

Step 3: Accept EULA

Once you have launched the server.jar file, then a file called ‘EULA.txt’ will appear, open it using notepad (Right-click > Open with > Notepad), and change the value: ‘EULA=false‘ to ‘EULA=true‘. Then, save this file (File > Save).

Step 4: Launch & Run the Server

Double click on the server.jar again, your Minecraft server will start right up. It will open a console for you. Here you will see your spawn world prepare, and eventually, you will see ‘Done’. Once you see this, your server is started. You can connect to the server (host) using the IP address “localhost“.

Step 5: IP Configuration

Go to your desktop and from there, hit the Windows key on your keyboard and the letter“R” at the same time. This will open the RUN dialog box. In the text box, type “cmd” to open Command Prompt and press the ENTER key.

Once you’re in the Command Prompt, type “ipconfig” to open up your IP settings.

Then, look for two specific values – the IPV4 and the Default Gateway IP addresses.

Go ahead and make a note of your Default Gateway, as we’ll be working with that first. In my case, the number was

Next up, go ahead and open your browser and paste the Default Gateway IP address into your address bar. This is going to prompt you to log into your Wi-Fi system or router backend. Usually, the password will be “admin”, if not then go to this link which will give your exact router password to log in.

Step 6: Port Forwarding

Once you have successfully logged into your router, you’ll be looking for something along the lines of “Port Forwarding”. This could be placed in a Security section, Advanced, a Port Forward section, or an Apps & Gaming section. Unfortunately, this differs for every router.

From there, add a new Port Forwarding rule. If it asks you for a Local IP, then enter your IPv4 address there.

For the External Port, put “25565,” and for the Internal Port add the numbers “25565” as well. It may sometimes be called a TCP port & UDP port, either way, just enter the port number.

From there, save the settings & apply them.

Step 7: Start the server

Just double click on the “server.jar” file and your Minecraft 1.17 server should be up and running.

How to Connect to your Minecraft 1.17 Server

The user who’s hosting the server can use the following:

*insert IPv4 address* (from Command Prompt)


For your friends who are connected to the same network/wifi can only connect using your IPv4 address. With the format being (replace it with your IPv4 address):

*IPv4 address*:25565


For your friends who are connected to different networks then:

  • Go to Google, and search for “what’s my IP”.
  • Then, your public IP will be displayed.
  • Just copy it and send it to your friend.

Sometimes you have to add “:25565” next to the public IP address in order for it to w

*Public IP address*:25565


How to allocate extra RAM to your Minecraft 1.17 Server

If you are getting the “Can’t keep up!” Warning message, that means your server doesn’t have enough RAM. So here’s the command line used to allocate/add extra RAM to your Minecraft 1.17 Server

Default Template (here replace the #### with the amount of RAM):

java -Xmx####M -Xms####M -jar server.jar nogui

For 2 GB Server RAM

java -Xmx2048M -Xms2048M -jar server.jar nogui

For 4 GB Server RAM

java -Xmx4096M -Xms4096M -jar server.jar nogui


Video Tutorial on How to Make Minecraft 1.17 Server

If you didn’t understand any part or found it difficult to follow, then you can watch my YouTube video tutorial on “How to Make a Minecraft 1.17 Server”.

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