God of War PC: How to BOOST FPS, Reduce & Fix Lag in 2022

I’ll be sharing with you the best ways to boost your FPS & Fix/Reduce Input Lag in God of War especially for Low-End PCs for the year 2022.

Best tricks to Boost FPS & Reduce Input Lag in God of War PC

Step 1: High-Performance Graphics

  • Search for “Graphics Settings” in Windows 10 & enable it.
  • Then, browse for the Days Gone game file and set it to “High Performance”.

Please note: If you are having any problems or find it difficult to follow this guide, then you can watch my YouTube tutorial on how to boost your FPS & fix lag issues in God of War.

Step 2: Disk Cleanup

  • Open File Explorer, under Devices and drives, select the drive in which God of War is installed (usually it will be the C: drive).
  • Right-click the drive > go to Properties > Click Disk Cleanup.
  • After the scan is complete, select all the checkboxes and click OK.

Step 3: Power Options

  • Go to Control Panel search Power Options, and click on it.
  • Under Preferred plans select High Performance.

Step 4: Play in Stretched Resolution (if possible)

Step 5: Open TimerResolution

  • Click on Maximum and minimize the program. Then start playing God of War.
  • After you finish playing God of War, open the program and click on Default and exit the program.

Step 6: Change your In-game Settings

  • Set the Frame Rate Limit to 30/60/144 (according to your monitor’s refresh rate- usually it’s 60).
  • Set the View Distance according to your pc, but for a better gameplay experience, I recommend setting it to Medium.
  • Set Shadows, Anti-Analising, V-sync and Motion Blur to off.
  • Set Textures, Effects, Post Processing to Disabled or Low.

The file you’ll need for this tutorial (please wait):

Video Tutorial to Increase your FPS & Reduce Input Lag in God of War PC:

For more in-depth details/guide to boost your FPS in God of War PC, you can watch my YouTube video tutorial on “God of War: How to BOOST FPS, Reduce & Fix Lag in 2022 FOR LOW-END PCs” which has more tricks to increase your FPS & fix lag in God of War PC.

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